“Blanka is an experienced and highly professional yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my class with her. It was extremely informative as she walked me through the steps of each pose and the benefits each one offered. We focused on breathing as well as deep stretches which my body benefited a lot from. I would most certainly recommend her!”

Leila Scott, (UK)

“I remember when I first met Blanka a year ago in Malta. I have practiced yoga for almost 2 years and I was amazed to attend her lessons! She explains the poses clearly and gives lots of option for modifying them to fit them for your body and needs. She really good with both beginners and advanced students. She leads without judgment and includes postures for many different levels. Before the class, Blanka asks if anyone has special needs and she always helps and corrects your body posture during the lesson. I truly enjoyed the yoga classes with Blanca, she’s an excellent teacher and cheerful person. I highly recommend her classes. Thanks, Blanca – keep doing what you do!”

Chiara Milan, (Italy)

“Blanka is a thoughtful, loving, yet demanding teacher who guides you through your personal yoga practice with care and a lovely sense of humour. Before I met Blanka, I had only 1 yoga teacher who had introduced me to the practice years ago, so I was a little skeptical about finding another yoga teacher who I loved practicing with. Blanka did not replace my other teacher but she became a new medium through which I could deepen my practice. She is an attentive teacher who always gives every student in the class individual attention and tips to go deeper in the practice. She has a lovely way of making everyone in the class feel at ease with themselves and getting us to drop the pose and focus on what matters. “

Ann Sammut, (Malta)

“Blanka’s classes are the best! She is very welcoming, adapts to the needs and abilities of all, she is very dedicated and passionate and makes the class slightly spiritual. I highly recommend her classes for people of all levels. She is excellent!”

Gaby Bartolli, (Malta)